Today there are numerous work from home opportunities available. Many people dream of being their own boss so they can spend more time enjoying their family and children. The solution may be a home based business. Work from home opportunities can help to restore balance between work and home life.

The number of work from home opportunities can be over whelming to many as they start their search for what may be right for them. No matter how over whelming it may be one must sort through the various opportunities presented in order to decipher which opportunities are legitimate and can actually produce an income and which one's are scams designed to only take your money.

There are choices in what type of home based business opportunity you will want to use. There are many network marketing (MLM) opportunities as well as Online Affiliate marketing plans and actual work at home jobs as an employee for a company.

Starting Your Own Business:

The choices are almost limitless and all depend on your personal interest.

Many people start an EBay Business. While it is highly competitive, money can be made from doing so. You can search the Internet and find drop shippers who allow you to sell their products under your own label and will then ship to your customers using a return label with your company name on it. Another way to start an EBay business is to buy from Flea markets and Garage sales and then add a markup and list it o EBay for sale. One last way and one I did at one time is to buy return merchandise and resale it on EBay and at Flea markets on the weekends. A simple net search for return merchandise/salvage merchandise will give you plenty of buying options. The biggest problem with selling your own merchandise, is no matter how you plan on doing it, you will have to keep items in stock. This usually means setting up a room, your garage or where ever you have space to store, repair, and pack your items. The more inventory the better. You will need lots of stock to actually profit on EBay or at your own garage sale. If investing in inventory and online sales is what you desire there is money in it for the willing.

Online paid Surveys:

There are companies all over the world who need people to take surveys of their products. The surveys help them advertise, distribute and design better products. Many companies are desperate to understand how you think and shop and what motivates you to buy their products because it helps companies improve their products and advertising, they in turn then pay YOU good money for your opinion. Online surveys can be fun, and exhilarating, and, they can make you money from home giving you more of the precious time you need with your family.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is simply being paid to promote other peoples products. When a sale is made from your affiliate web site you make a commission from the sale. But it doesn't stop there. Not only do you sell products you build a residual income by signing others under you as an affiliate of your programs. As they make sales you get a percentage. It is actually one of my preferred work from home opportunities because there is no inventory to stock, all sales are made online. You simply promote a product. Affiliate marketing has become a significant force in how commerce on the web occurs. Thousands of merchants now use affiliate marketing to get business done. Affiliate marketing is simply connecting buyers and sellers and paying those people who facilitate the connections. It is all done from the comfort of your home using your personal computer. Many people are now making a significant income with Affiliate Marketing.

Network Marketing:

Network marketing has been described as the "Greatest opportunity for ordinary people to make an extraordinary income". There are many advantages in both life and financial aspects in Network marketing. First off, it allows you to build a significant life changing income and more importantly it allows you to build it at your own pace. Unlike the Corporate world where employees are burdened with deadlines and quotas you set your own pace, work it as little or as much as you like. Many Network marketing companies design their individual growth plan around working 2 hours a day in the comfort of home. But that's not a demand. Many people work their business just a couple hours a week while others work it far more. The beauty of it is the companies put no demands on you and whether or not you are successful, if you work it 50 hours a week or just a couple they will continue to invest in you no matter your success level.

The tools you need for success will be provided for you, such as online business presentations, video and written script, a promotional web page tagged with your business ID, telephone scripts you can use when calling a contact you may not know, marketing programs and many more all designed so you can promote your business and make a living from home.

Another benefit is no experience needed. Legitimate Network Marketing companies will provide online training through video presentations and one on one mentoring with those who have already gained a level of success. Virtual training is a major player in the Network marketing world allowing you to learn at your own pace. The only requirement you need is to be teachable. Approaching your new business venture with an open mind and willingness to apply what is taught is the number one factor in having a successful Network Marketing business. The truly great part is anyone can do it if you are willing to learn.

There are many other types of work from home jobs available such as Data Entry, Day Care, Medical Transcriptionist, etc... But few that offer the freedom and financial gain of Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing work from home opportunities.

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